Creating your IOD Agenda – Samples Included

Dean Compher

23 September 2011



It is now time to start building your agenda for the 2011 Information On-Demand Conference.  There are tons of great sessions and networking (fun) evening activities at the conference and by planning ahead you can squeeze the most value out of the conference.  If you like lab sessions then sign up early or you risk them filling with other people.  In this article I’ll share a few tips on building your agenda and even some sample agendas for various interests to help you get started.  If you’re not that familiar with the conference this may help your planning, but is by no means intended to restrict your choices.  I only offer theses to help.  Please browse the sessions on the agenda and pick the ones of most interest to you.  In this article I also provide information on using the agenda building web site. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, make sure to select IBM Rep and type “Dean Compher” in the box where it asks you how you found out about this conference.  This helps db2Dean keep his job! 


The first thing that you need to do if you have not already done so, is to register for the event.  Once you have done that you will get an email from “Information on Demand” with your confirmation number and the link to the Smart Site where you can browse all sessions and build your agenda.  Even if you used the Smart Site last year, you will need to register again this year before you start using it.   Once you are registered you can start selecting sessions.  


Smart Site Tips



There are so many different areas that I couldn’t come up with just one agenda, so I’ve added a few sample agendas that you can use as a template for creating your own schedule.  Each time slot actually has many more sessions; these are just some of my favorites.  Make sure to examine other available sessions using smart site.


General DB2 DBA Lectures Agenda

If you want to get a lot of information about several topics, then attend as many sessions as you can.  This agenda shows the ones that db2Dean recommends.  Some time slots show multiple sessions because I like them all, but you will need to cross off the ones you would not take.


General DB2 DBA Labs Agenda

If you like to get more in depth on fewer topics then Labs are the way to go.  The agenda in this link is almost exclusively lab sessions.  Of course you can mix and match labs and lectures. 


Receptions, Keynotes and Book Signings

Don’t forget about the other interesting things you can do at the conference.  There are several after hours receptions.  I’ve added the ones open to the general public to this agenda.  The main fun event is Tuesday evening and is called the Networking Event.  There are also several events that are not widely announced, but you can ask your sales rep if you would like to be invited to them.  There are also some book signings and I’ve included a few that particularly interest me on this agenda.  Also don’t forget to stop by the expo if you are interested in chatting about particular technologies or just want to get some cool toys for your kids.  


As of September 29, Chris Montgomery and Elliott Aten have graciously provided additional Agendas that might be of interest to you.  


Data Warehouse and Netezza Appliances Agenda

Netezza Analytics Agenda

Netezza is IBM’s newest data warehouse technology and is the most innovative appliance on the market.


Information Governance Agenda

Information Integration Agenda

Information Management Innovations Agenda

Information Solutions Architecture Agenda

Advanced Case Management Handling Agenda

Business Leadership & Health Care Agenda

Content Analytics – MRTA Agenda

Master Data Management/Initiate Agenda


Special interest Sessions

There are a number of sessions that I did not include on the above agendas because of their specialized nature.  However, if that specialty appeals to you then you may want to attend them instead of some of the sessions on the above agendas.  Here are some that tickled my fancy:


XML in DB2

2088A IBM DB2 pureXML for Beginners

2087B Get Connected: Publishing Relational Data as XML Messages

1120B IBM DB2 pureXML: Develop Your Application Prototype in Minutes, not Days (Lab)



1315A Best Practices for SAP on IBM DB2 pureScale

1123A IBM DB2 LUW Performance Tuning for SAP

1405A Take Care of Your SAP Performance

1914A Driving Operational Efficiency for SAP Applications with IBM DB2 on POWER/AIX- A PepsiCo Case Study

2621A Improving SAP TCO With IBM DB2 at Eli Lilly

1281A Customer Panel Discussion for SAP on IBM DB2 for LUW



3218A Deploying Databases and Applications on a Private Cloud

3225A IBM DB2 Up and Running on the Private Cloud in Minutes      

3566A FusionPaaS: Automated Migration of Oracle Forms Applications to Open Cloud Platform on IBM DB2 & IBM WebSphere

3093A Put your IBM DB2 on the Cloud ... any Cloud


Talk to the Experts

Go to the “Ask the Experts” or “Birds of a Feather” sessions to talk in small groups about how to do something that interests you.  There is no other forum where it is this easy to corner someone from the lab.  All that you have to do is to go to these sessions and bring up your topic




There’s a lot more to the Smart Site than what I’ve listed in this article, like a way to connect with friends and advanced search options.  I encourage you to explore that site and use all of those features, but if you run out of time, then using one of these agendas is better than showing up with nothing and wondering aimlessly!  Also don’t forget to make sure to select IBM Rep and type “Dean Compher” in the box where it asks you how you found out about this conference when you register for the conference!


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