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Dean Compher

9 September 2007

Updated 30 April 2015



As I described in a previous article there are several avenues to get help from IBM for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (DB2/LUW) problems and questions.  One of my favorite ways is to open an Electronic Service Request (ESR), but first you must get registered to do so.  The most common use of the ESR is to get help resolving a problem with DB2 either caused by you or the product itself.  However, if you have specific how-to questions the ESR tool is for that as well.  In any case, before you can open an ESR you must register to do so.  If the right person in your organization is not around when you want to register then this can take a while, so I recommend that you register now, so that you are ready when you need to open a ticket.


In this article I will summarize how to get registered to open PMRs and provide some of my personal insights which have questionable value, but which may be entertaining none the less.  To see the official detailed registration process, please visit the Service Request Help page.  If you have any problems or questions about the registration process please call the ESR support number at 1-800-978-2246.


Before we jump into the specific instructions for opening a PMR, I want to take a moment to talk about the IBM ID and the Support Portal.  At one time you needed to create various IDs for various items like support requests, downloading white papers and the like.  It was difficult for everyone to keep track of a bunch of IDs and passwords, so IBM now has one ID that you use for just about everything.  So you may have one already, and if you do it would be a good time to find your id and password.  This id will typically be your e-mail address.  If this is not convenient or you can’t remember if you have one or not, don’t worry because I’ll explain how to create your ID or reset your password if you already have an ID but don’t remember your password.


The Support Portal is a web site for all of your support needs including IBM ID maintenance, information and manuals, ESR creation and tracking and just about everything else you need for your IBM distributed software.  After you sign in using your IBM ID, there is a link on the first page for opening service requests (SRs).  Even if you don’t have an IBM ID or need to reset your password, this is the place to start.  So go to the Support Portal and click the link.  Here you can either input your user id (IBM ID) and password, click the “forgot password” link or click the Create IBM id button. To open ESR’s you will need an IBM ID, so go ahead and create one if you don’t have one already. 


In general the registration process is:


  1. Site Technical Contact (STC)  registers with IBM
  2. Determine who your Site Technical Contact is
  3. Determine your “Customer Number”
  4. Nominate yourself to open ESRs using your IBM ID
  5. Site Technical Contact Authorizes you to open ESRs



1. Site Technical Contact registers with IBM


When your company purchases information management software like DB2, Informix or information integration products for Linux, UNIX or Windows IBM sends a package of information to your company designating the Site Technical Contact.  The STC is the person who must authorize you to open ESRs before you can do so.  In this package of information, is a temporary login for the STC to register as the STC and instructions on how to do so.  


2. Determine who your Site Technical Contact is


Due to the fact that little thought is usually given to the designation of the STC this person often winds up being the president of the company, an employee in the purchasing department, or someone else who you would never expect to be your STC.  In any case, if you don’t know who the STC is contact your Sales Rep to get this or your IT Specialist who can ask the Sales Rep to get back to you with this information.  Then contact the STC to see if they have registered.  If they have no idea what you are talking about then either get your Sales Rep to contact them to help them get registered or work with your Sales Rep to get the correct person designated as the STC and get them registered.  If you don’t know who your Sales Rep is then your IT Specialist can determine his identity for you.


3. Determine your “Customer Number”


The customer number will be in the package of information that I mentioned in step 1.  You can also call your IT Specialist or Sales Rep to get it.


4. Nominate yourself to open ESRs


Once you know your STC and his e-mail address, know that he is registered and know your Customer Number you are ready to nominate yourself to open an ESR.  Go to the IBM Support Portal to begin the process and sign in using your IBM ID.  If you do not have an IBM or can’t remember your password, see the Support portal instructions above.  Once signed into the support portal click the  link.  It will show you any customer numbers for which you are already registered.  If the new customer number is not in the list then enter your customer number where prompted, select your country/ region and add a note in the justification box if you think that the STC will need that.  The, press the “Request additional access” button.  You can come back to this screen at any time to view the status of your request. 


5.  Site Technical Contact authorizes you to open ESRs


Your STC will get an e-mail notifying them of your nomination.  This note will contain instructions for authorizing you.  In my experience it is a good idea to call them before they get the note and let them know what you are doing and that it is important that they do not just delete the e-mail.



Once your STC has approved you can now start opening and looking at ESRs on line.  To do so, just go back to the Support Portal, sign in and then click the “Service requests for hardware and software (PMRs)” link.  On the next page you can ether search for exiting service requests or press the “New service request” button.  From there just follow the prompts.  If there are any problems in this process please call 1-800-978-2246.  If they do not help you in a timely manner then call your Sales Rep or IT Specialist.



There is a lot more to opening service requests and getting technical support.  You can also see the official registration instructions and review instructions for using the service request tool




If you have any additional thoughts or funny support anecdotes, please post them to my Facebook Page or the db2Dean and Friends Community.




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