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27 March 2007


My Informix teammates provided me with several very good links and they are listed below  If there are any that you like that I have not included, please send me a note at dean@db2dean.com and I’ll try to include it.  Also please let me know if any of my links have stopped working.  Informix is a strategic product for IBM.  To confirm this, please read the following letter from Ambuj Goyal the General Manager of Information Management software at IBM by clicking this link:

IBM Letter of Commitment to Informix



Web Pages

Manuals and Reference Material

Cheetah Home Page

The new version of Informix is code named Cheetah.  Check out this page to keep up with the story.


Cheetah Features List

This document shows the list of new features currently planned for the next release.


Informix Fix Packs

Information about Fix Packs and how to down load them.


Download Central

We finally have a central location for down loading all available trial and other free software.  So if you want to tryout Informix, for example, this is the site for you.


Download Informix PHP Driver

Download the PHP driver for Informix


Download Server Studio and Sentinel for Informix

Download these excellent administrative tools for your Informix databases.


Download XSLT DataBlade

Learn about and download the XSLT DataBlade for creating SQL functions that transform documents from one format to another.


Informix and DB2 Article

Informix and DB2 are both database products from IBM.  In this article discovery how well the products compliment each other.


Operating System Levels For Informix

This link show which OS versions and minimum patch levels are required for each supported version of Informix. 



APARS are, shall we say, the less desirable features of Informix.  This page shows the list of all APARS by version.


End of Support by Version

Every version of software eventually goes out of support.  Review this page periodically to make sure that you don’t get a nasty little surprise in the middle of the night when you call for support for your Informix system.


Informix Webcasts

Get the latest information about how to get the most out of Informix from these monthly webcasts.


Informix Support Page

A page full of links for technical documents like manuals and white papers, downloads, and helpful hints.


Informix Classes

Browse the Informix classes.  I also find the training paths link that diagrams the courses useful.  Check out the Certification tab is you are interested in becoming certified in Informix.


Open a PMR or ESR

To get support for problems and questions 24X7 you can open a PMR or ESR.  Call 800-426-7378 to open a PMR, but make sure to have your CUSTOMER NUMBER handy.  An ESR is a PMR opened on the web.  I prefer this method because I can paste detailed error messages right into the ticket and attach supporting files.  See this site to learn how to open ESRs and for a link for “ESR sign-in”.


Migrate to Informix

On this page learn about how we can support you in converting competitors’ databases to Informix


Informix Product Page


Informix Platform Roadmap


Informix Product Life Cycle (PLC) Roadmap


Informix Product Platform Availability

Select Download Spreadsheet on Right


Informix International User Group (IIUG)



Informix Manuals

Informix Technical manuals.  You can see additional manuals in PDF format by clicking the “V10 Informix Information Center Search” link below and then clicking the “Complete IDS Library” link.


V10 Informix Information Center Search

Search for information about Informix.  I frequently access the information centers to answer customer questions.


Informix DeveloperWorks

This is a great site for learning about how to do things in DB2 and joining discussion forums. 


Redbooks (Data Related)

Search for practical guides for implementing solutions such as DB2 on Linux or implementing a Data Warehouse.


Informix Handbook

An excellent source of information about the newest features of Informix and it has a lot of good links as well.


Guy Bowerman’s BLOG

What does a guy out of the Toronto Lab think about DB2 features?



Another excellent site for Informix information.


Informix Zone

An interesting Informix forum.




Informix Instant Answers by E-mail


DM Today Newsletter


Which Edition Of IDS is Right For You?


Compare Informix Dynamic Server Editions


Partner World Informix Site containing the Q1 Dash Board with Play Tactics

Note: Look under “Sales Tools” tab for “Special Offers”


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