Dean Compher Googlegängers

30 May 2008

Updated 15 October 2009



Googleganger:  A person who shares your name-- You find your googleganger by self-googling. The term comes from combining "Google" with the German expression, "Doppelganger."

I found this definition on the Urban Dictionary:


As far as I can tell there are 3 other Dean Compher’s (my googlegangers) that can easily be found on Google.  I say easily as the Google search for “Dean Compher” returned 2,270 hits and I only have the attention span to look at the first few pages.   From this Google search on our name I found the following information about my googlegangers in addition to the results for yours truly.  I don’t know any of them and have never had any contact what so ever, but maybe someday…..


Dean Compher of Kentucky

He was involved in a set of hearings in 2004 to improve the working condition at his company.  He also serves his community as a volunteer fireman and officer of his union local.


Dean Compher of Florida

The only thing that I can find about our Florida brother is that he requested a variance from Seminole County to build a detached garage.  It appears that his variance was granted, but I am sure that this was not a particularly uplifting experience as I’ve dealt with my county for a property change.


Dean Compher of Illinois

He played foot ball for his high school team in Bloomington, IL in the mid 1940’s.  He passed away on 4 October 2009.  He will be missed.


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