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Last Updated: 21 May 2007


These days I primarily work with DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows, but I know several folks using DB2 on the System i.† I donít know a lot about the DB2 on iSeries platform, but please contact me with any DB2 on i5/OS questions that you may have but donít know where to turn.† I probably canít answer them, but I have friends who can.† Letís thank Doug Mack (mackd@us.ibm.com), an IBM iSeries team member, who contributed most of the content to this page!† I also answer many questions about DB2 Connect that allows applications on distributed platforms easily connect to DB2 for i5/OS



Web Pages

Manuals and Reference Material

DB2 for i5/OS Home

This is the place to start when looking for information about DB2 for i5/OS.† It includes product, OS and support information.


FREE DB2 Connect for iSeries Trial

Want to try out a very robust tool for accessing your DB2 iSeries data from your Windows servers or PCís?† They try out this tool.† You can read more about this tool in my DB2 Connect article on db2Dean.com


FREE DB2 Express-C

Get a free, permanent copy of DB2 for your laptop or Linux/Windows Server.†† Install it with the DB2 Connect trial on Windows, and see how you can make your DB2 Express-C tables and your DB2 for i5/OS tables appear as being together in one happy database!†



APARS are, shall we say, the less desirable features of DB2.† This page shows the most recent APARS and lets you search them.



Once you know which APAR you need to fix or just want to keep your maintenance up to date, visit this page to see how to get fix packs.


Migrate to DB2 for i5/OS

This site contains lots of links to Redbooks and other sources for migrating other data in other database management systems to DB2 for i5/OS


DB2 for i5/OS Classes

Browse the DB2 for i5/OS classes by choosing this link.† I also find the training paths link that diagram the courses useful.† .





v5r4 DB2 Manuals

v5r3 DB2 Manuals

Book mark these links for the DB2 versions that you are using.† It is well worth reviewing the list of manuals to see what is available.†


v5R4 DB2 Information Center Search

Search for information about DB2.† I frequently access the information centers for DB2/LUW to answer customer questions and this puts DB2 FOR I5/OS information in the same context.


DB2 FOR I5/OS Articles and White Papers

This page contains lots of IBM White Papers and other interesting articles.


Modernize Your Use of DB2 for i5/OS

Many shops are happily using regular file access to get their i5 data, but are interested in looking at using SQL access.† This Redbook tells you why you might want to do that as well as telling you how.


DB2 DeveloperWorks

This is a great site for learning about how to do things in DB2 and joining discussion forums.† Click the ďDBAsĒ or ďDevelopersĒ tab depending on the content that you want to see.


Redbooks (Data Related)

Search for practical guides for implementing solutions using DB2 for i5/OS


DB2 Magazine

Keep up to date with lots of good DB2 Information.† Read the magazine at this page or subscribe.



The International DB2 User Group is a community of DB2 users.† The site contains excellent information and they have a tremendous conference every year.



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