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I occasionally run across some little item that I know will be of interest to many folks and I want to share them without doing a lot of work.  So I've decided to start this page to just list them.  If you would like to be notified of them as I discover them, then please follow me on Twitter.  If you would like to be notified as I find these gems, please then follow me, db2Dean, on Twitter.  When you do you will get text messages sent to your cell phone when I update any page on this site.  If you are not already on Twitter, then you can easily join from this link as well.


If you know any cool tricks that are documented on the web, please send them to me to post on this page.


Date Posted Name/Link Description
8/11/09 Zemucansuka DB2 Syntax Assistant allows you to starting typing a DB2 command in the CLP and have DB2 finish it or to type in a command and have DB2 show you the parameters.  You can download it at http://zemucansuka.sourceforge.net/
6/25/09 db2back Copy db2diag.log file to a different directory and delete it from your DIAGPATH.  This can prevent your instance from crashing due to filling the instance home directory.




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