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Db2 LUW Problem Determination On Line Class

*** Sponsored by DBI Software ***


When:  Friday, June 21, 2018 -  8:00 AM PDT, 9:00 AM MDT, 10:00 AM CDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 4:00 PM London, 9:30 PM India 



He's Back! After a wildly popular show in January 2019 on Db2 LUW Problem Determination "Favorite Tricks and Tips", Pavel Sustr returns to give us a THREE HOUR class on Db2 LUW Problem Determination. Wow! This truly is a GRAND FINALE for Season #10 of The Db2Night Show!


Pavel normally teaches this material at conferences as a half day seminar! He describes the class as follows:


The popular troubleshooting seminar, updated with the newest Db2 11.1 problem determination techniques and LIVE DEMOS! Learn how to identify and resolve database hangs, crashes, performance problems, and data corruption issues. Get familiar with diagnostic tools. Learn how and when to use these troubleshooting tools for a quick problem resolution. Topics covered: Performance; FODC; Hangs; Latching; Crashes/Traps; Data Corruption. Attendees will be able to characterize a problem in order to expedite resolution, learn how and what data to collect during intermittent hangs, slow-downs, and other frequent problems, and understand Db2 Support's methodology in troubleshooting Db2 and even non-Db2 hiccups. The seminar contains live demos during which the audience will be given an opportunity to perform an interactive investigation of selected problems.



      Apply problem determination methodology and techniques, identify symptoms of common problems and effectively search knowledge base

      Understand and analyze Db2 diagnostic data

      Learn about documented and undocumented problem determination tools

      Reveal the design internals of the First Occurrence Data Capture (FODC) feature

      Get an insider view of problem determination techniques used by Support teams 


Details, agenda and registration:



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