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Last Updated: 26 May 2009


These days I primarily work with DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows, but I know some folks using the UniData or UniVerse (U2) databases.  I donít know a lot about theU2 product family, but please contact me with any questions that you may have but donít know where to turn.  I probably canít answer them, but I have friends who can.  Letís thank Ed Robb and Ehab Abushmais, IBM U2 team members, who contributed most of the content to this page!  The U2 Product Family is a strategic portfolio for IBM.  To confirm this, please read the following letter from Ambuj Goyal the General Manager of Information Management software at IBM by clicking this link:


IBM Letter of Commitment to U2 Portfolio


Web Pages

Manuals and Reference Material

U2 Home

This is the place to start when looking for information about UniVerse, UniData and related products.  It includes product, OS and support information.


Download Central

We finally have a central location for down loading all available trial and other free software.  So if you want to tryout UniData or Universe, for example, this is the site for you.  This link takes you to the section in the page where the U2 products are shown.  They are between the Tivoli and Websphere lists.



Open Electronic Problem Requests, access the U2 portfolio knowledge base and get lots of other good information. 



Ask non-technical questions about U2, for example, inquires about product availability, licensing, porting schedules, etc.


UniData and Universe Classes

Browse the UniVerse and UniData classes by choosing this link and then clicking the U2 product that interests you..  I also find the training paths link that diagram the courses useful.


End of Support by Version

Every version of software eventually goes out of support.  Review this page periodically to make sure that you donít get a nasty little surprise in the middle of the night when you call for support for your U2 system.


UniVerse System Requirements

UniData System Requirements

On what Operating Systems and hardware do UniVerse and UniData run?  Check these links to see. 


FREE DB2 Express-C

Get a free, permanent copy of DB2 for your laptop or Linux/Windows Server.   This is a good link if you are looking for a new toy to try.


U2 Manuals

This link has online manuals for the various versions of UniVerse and UniData.  It is well worth reviewing the list of manuals to see what is available. 


UniVerse and UniData Articles and White Papers

This page contains lots of IBM White Papers, Data Sheets and other interesting articles.  Just click the different tabs for different types of information.


U2 DeveloperWorks

This is a great site for learning about how to do things in UniVerse and UniData and joining discussion forums. 



The International U2 User Group is a community of UniData and UniVerse users.  The site contains excellent information.


UniData Support Home

UniVerse Support Home

U2 Product Family Support

U2 Tools Support Home

wIntegrate Support Home

System Builder Support Home

U2 Web Development Environment Support Home

Get web help solving problems, searching for technotes and other documentation, find fixes and find lots of other links for the particular U2 product.



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